Mentor Building Management has over 50 years combined experience in bringing buildings online to achieve optimum operating performance. Our clients present us with a wide degree of building operation requirements ranging from global data centres with 24/7 business critical operation to Grade 1 listed properties requiring precise parameters to maintain building and comfort integrity.

This diversity has made us experts in the field of complete building operation taking into account comfort levels, energy reduction, carbon reduction and performance improvement.

Our consultants work with you in a defined process to ensure that your objectives are met;

1. Meet with you to discuss your operating objectives including carbon reduction goals, comfort requirements and expense management parameters

2. Review and survey your site taking into account the interaction of all components within the building including the most important, it’s occupants, to establish where improvements in efficiency and performance can be made

3. Prepare our recommendations by combining our vast experience with research into new technologies and techniques

4. Present our findings and recommendations to you via a detailed report and consultation process

5. Implement the new recommendations by either working with your existing team or deploying our skilled technicians and engineers

6. Review the process in an ongoing capacity to ensure that you continue to achieve your original objective and ensure that your facility has access to the latest ideas and technologies in operational performance

Our consultation process has proven itself to be a significant cost saver for our clients as our expertise and knowledge are drawn from years of research and implementation. If you would like to discover how we can make a difference to your building, contact us to discuss your needs

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